Meet the Team



Doug oversees the Staff and Champions for the race. He is also responsible for the race day operations.

Doug completed his first triathlon in 2008, and like so many others he was hooked. Since that first race he has competed in several road races and triathlons racing all distances including twice competing in Full Distance. He was involved in the Grand Rapids Triathlon, for five years, overseeing the course Aid Stations. Susan is his wife and lifelong best friend. Together they have 3 children (Corydon, Ella & Raleigh) who love to be around triathlons. Doug serves as the Chief Financial Officer and as a part of the Pastoral Staff of Grand Rapids First Church.
Phone: 616-430-6308


Andy is responsible for handling the technical side of the race ensuring all details are followed and sanctioning rules are adhered to. He also works closely with the different communities, organizations and Police departments for race day. Andy entered the world of triathlon in 2008. He has competed in every distance from a super sprint to an Ironman. He feels that this sport unlike any other, gives people the power to obtain their goals and push their body and mind further than they ever thought. Andy is a small business owner in the construction industry and a property manager. Andy recently became a USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Race Director and was appointed by the USAT to their Race Directors Committee.
Phone: 616-805-3059


As one of only three USAT Level 2 Directors (Andy and Doug, her co-directors, are the other two) in the state of Michigan, Ann takes directing triathlon very seriously. Enthusiastic and focused, she has a passion for the details and the drive to ensure each athlete has a positive experience from the time they register until they go home that day.

Ann has a passion for the details and the drive to ensure each athlete has a positive experience during their race. She has participated in organized races since 1996, joined the triathlon world in 2000 and enjoys doing half marathons. Ann is a USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Race Director.

A small business owner and resident in the Grand Rapids area for several years, Ann enjoys giving back to the local community in many ways. She sits on the Alumni Board for Davenport University, actively leads a women’s small group, recently held the position of Treasurer for a local non-profit, Grand Rapids Initiative for Leaders, and volunteers as the coordinator for the Priority Health Champions.
Phone: 616-540-5115



2018 marks my sixth year as a triathlete and my fifth year on staff of the Michigan Titanium and the Grand Rapids Tri. It wouldn’t be an over exaggeration to say that triathlon is my life. I work on both triathlons all year long, volunteer for several other races throughout West Michigan, and train when I can. As much as I enjoy being a triathlete and getting out on the course, my passion is really being behind the scenes and helping others cross the finish line. This really has become a family affair. I love working along side my husband, Bill, and my youngest son, Graydon, on race day. While my teenagers prefer to stay behind the scenes they’ve been known to haul tri equipment for me and even help with odd jobs leading up to race day. Whether you compete, organize, volunteer, or enthusiastically spectate, I truly believe this sport has something for everyone!


After competing in several triathlons and numerous road races from 5k to full Marathons, I decided to get involved on the other side of the race.  My husband and I, and our five girls, have volunteered for the GrTri & MiTi since moving to Grand Rapids 5 years ago and have loved it!   Our 18 year old daughter is competing in her first triathlon this weekend and is super excited to be on the participant side of the race.   I am happy to, again, be a part of the MiTi  team!



I moved back to Grand Rapids last year after spending the last 7 years in Washington DC. After being very inactive for the first 25 years of my life, I was finally bit by the endurance sports bug after assuring my wife, Anne Marie, that “there is never any need to run over 5 miles.” Since then, I have completed races of all distances and types, from 5k to marathon, and sprint triathlon to Ironman. I currently holds the record for the peanut butter mile. In DC, I was involved as a coach with the DC Road Runner Club and TeamZ Triathlon Club. I currently works at GVSU as the Director of the Regional Math and Science Center.


A few years ago I remember someone explaining to me what a triathlon was.  My first thought; why would anyone do that to themselves? Then in 2009 my husband told me they were holding the first annual GR Tri right in our backyard of Ada, Mi.   He thought we should give it a shot since it was so close to home.  I have to admit i think I had a glass of wine or two when i actually agreed to do it.  We set out for some training with a few neighbors and competed in the race.  It was tough, but more fun than anything I had ever done.   Having a swimming background it wasn’t as “crazy” as I thought it would be.  I took second in my age group,  had a blast and was instantly hooked.  Since then I have competed in 7 triathlons and 4 relays.     I hope it is a positive influence on my daughters who I love with all my heart.  I mostly race for them, and a little bit for me.     I encourage anyone I meet to at least give it a “tri”.  It is an incredibly rewarding experience.


I have been giving out awards at MITi since its inception. I have a great time spending race day with the athletes, staff members and spectators. I find that being involved in triathlons is great fun and very rewarding. Though I may never actually participate in a tri, I find it very motivating to be around these highly motivated athletes! However, hopefully someday in my place, my three granddaughters will attempt to complete a tri.


I have raced bicycles on and off for 25+ years and entered the 2013 Grand Rapids Triathlon on a bet with some friends. I was immediately hooked! I have since raced every distance of triathlon and placed first in my age group at multiple events. I feel the best part of triathlon is the community of people. So although I am not currently competing, I love to give back to the sport. This will be my fourth year on staff at MiTi, and I look forward to seeing you out there!


I have been involved in triathlons since 2010. Starting off with a neighborhood tri, Lech Lecha. I crossed the finish line and fell in love with this type of racing. I’ve been on staff of the Michigan Titanium for 5 years and would not miss the opportunity to race/help out and be involved in this race. I will be back helping pick up YOUR TRASH. Please “Give a hoot, don’t pollute!”


I love the thrill of endurance sports and have raced in the Grand Rapids Triathlon every year since it began eight years ago including a three generations relay team this past year with my father and my son.  This race crew puts on such an amazing event that I choose MiTi for my first Full Distance triathlon and the experience was absolutely amazing.  So much so, that I volunteered to join their staff to help you have the same great experience.


I have been competing in triathlons since 1987 as a middle-of-the-pack age grouper and loving it.  It is addictive and has become a lifestyle.  Fortunately I am married to a wonderful woman who may not always understand, but does accept my addiction.  Over the years I have managed to improve within my age group and now find myself finishing higher than middle of the pack, which just motivates me to train more. I have competed in virtually every distance from Indoor to Ironman including Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, Ironman and even the Long Course World Championship.  I am excited to be a part of organizing the only full distance to be held in Michigan.


I completed my first triathlon (Johan’s) in 2007 and think it forever changed my DNA.  Since then, I’ve competed at every distance and, although I’m not fast and will never win my age group, I LOVE every second of it.  I became an Ironman in 2010 and am incredibly excited that, via the MiTi, we are able to deliver a full-distance race to West Michigan.  Being a not-for-profit, healthcare executive by day though, I appreciate the amount of work and volunteers it takes to make an event successful.  With that in mind, I began giving back to the sport and volunteering in 2009.  I’ve enjoyed being the champion at the finish line every year for the MiTi and celebrating the athletes at their happiest moment of the day.  It’s an amazing accomplishment and I hope that our Finish Line team at the MiTi leaves a lasting impression on the participants, family members, and spectators who all come out to enjoy this event.  As a reminder, this event is FAMILY FRIENDLY and your special loved ones are welcomed to cross with you if you’d like!


I taught in Lowell for 32 years and then at Forest Hills Presbyterian Preschool for 5 more years. I am officially retired now.  I have enjoyed watching my family participate in triathlons. The highlights have been watching my son, Andy, finish the Ironman in Panama City and watching my granddaughter, Sofie, participate in the Splash and Dash. By volunteering I am able to become a part of this amazing sport and special event!


In 2007 I was minding my own business swimming laps a couple days a week and mountain biking to stay in shape. But these sports, on my own, weren’t getting the workouts that I needed.  So I started running for the first time in my life. Within a year I had finished my first full marathon. In 2008 a friend, I swam with on the high school swim team, asked me to join him at a Master swim practice. While at practice, he mentioned a group that was getting together to transport handicapped individuals around at triathlons and he wanted me to be a part of the running leg. That was the beginning of My Team Triumph. My experience with My Team Triumph proved life changing, as I had been bitten by the triathlon bug. As a result, I have worked my way up to multiple Half-Ironman distance tris, multiple marathons, and a few bike races each year. My down time is spent with my two teenage boys, and as a financial advisor with Amerprise Financial Services. In the future, I plan to tackle the Full Ironman distance triathlon after my second boy is off to college.


Having been with MiTi from the beginning, I truly enjoy watching how this race has grown and evolved each year. Cheering on the great volunteer staff and the athletes is one of my favorite parts of the day! You can find me running around taking pictures, and capturing memories, of all of the day’s events to share with the participant’s family and friends via MiTi’s social media channels!


The GRTri and MITi races are a family affair for me. I love being involved in the race and I’m happy to be serving such an amazing community! I’m not a triathlete, but maybe someday Andy and Ann will finally convince me to race one myself…


Todd Bradford is an avid cyclist with a passion for all things two wheeled.  Between weekend rides and commuting to work on either his bike or his motorcycle, he often forgets what it’s like to drive a car during the summer months.  He is a hard working family man, is active in his church and is a lifelong resident of the Grand Rapids area. Todd is also a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach and teaches basic and advanced courses through Fox Powersports.


I was pulled into triathlons by my husband who’s run all distances. While not a participator myself, I’ve loved cheering on the sport and working within it, meeting many volunteers and athletes through the years. It’s such a great community to be a part of, and an event I look forward to each year.


I have been a part of the MiTi Team since 2012 and it has changed my world! I attended my first Tri as a spectator and was “hooked” from that moment on. I joined the race committee and even started running! It was shortly after that I started to plan my year of firsts: my first bike race, my first marathon, and my first Triathlon! It was an awesome experience and I am looking forward to competing in more races in the future. As you can see, this sport has been a positive and life changing experience for me and I am grateful that I am able to give back by serving on this committee.


I have been a competitive swimmer my whole life, and started running competitively after college. I have completed 5 marathons, and in 2016 decided to mix things up a bit and give the triathlon world a shot! I’ve competed in a Sprint Tri in 2016, Olympic in 2017, and a Half this spring of 2018! It is safe to say I have fallen in love with triathlons! I  love being able to combine my love for swimming and running, and am falling in love with biking as well! When not being an athlete on the course, I’m a teacher in Holland.


The sport of triathlon found me in 2010. The training and preparation, excitement of race day, cheering of the crowd and the triumph of reaching a goal had me hooked. My husband and I participate in many races throughout the state, and I have found that the endurance community we have here in GR is unmatched. There’s a reason why GR was named the best city for triathlon, and it’s the amazing crowd support, enthusiastic athletes and awesome events like Mi Titanium and GR Triathlon. I am thrilled to be a part of the team for one of the BEST events in Michigan!


I have grown up around triathlons watching my father compete in all different distances from sprint to full-length. It was easy for me to make the transition from spectator, to volunteer, to now champion. I am going into my junior year in Jenison Public School, where I also use my leadership skills as stage manager of the theatre program. My work in art programs has given me a natural strength and eye for social media coordination.


It seems the older I get the more I realize the importance of community and feel the need to be involved.  As I continue to work at Gazelle Sports this year I have also taken on the challenge of being the Volunteer Coordinator for My Team Triumph. To see the faces of the captains and angels as they finish a race reminds me every time why I am involved. That also went hand and hand with being the Volunteer Coordinator for the Tri Del Sol Triathlon.  This will be my third year with Michigan Titanium.  Besides being known as “Snow Cone Jill” the feeling I get being able to give back to the families and friends who have supported the participating athletes is amazing and is what keeps me coming back.


Growing up in Madison, WI, I’ve always been captivated by the energy of IMWI.  Running marathons, and being active my entire life, the sport of triathlon has always inspired me.  When I moved to GR last year, stars aligned, and I got to join the MiTi Staff as the Sponsorship Coordinator.  I enjoy working all year to connect amazing sponsors with a great group of athletes. If you or your business are looking for an event to sponsor, email me at I’d love to chat more!  I’m excited to officially call myself a triathlete now, after finishing my first race this summer (GR Tri), and with that I’ll say, good luck to my fellow triathletes!


This race is owned by such positive people. The engery at this race is crazy fun. I love being about of the environment. I have been around the triathlon community for about 7 years, competing distance from Sprint to Full distance 140.6. Hope to see many of you at the beach at the swim start!!


Bill blindly followed his wife into the life of triathlon, having no idea how addictive it would become. A runner by trade, he lives by the motto, “you can sleep when you’re dead”, a mantra he coined shortly after the birth of there now teenage twins. A general disdain for the bike means you’re more likely to find him in an ultra marathon than a full iron, but he still has plans someday. Until then he’ll keep living life on the edge, frying bacon shirtless, running marathons on a whim, and relaxing to the dulcet tones of Larry Crabbe. (Bill also likes to talk about himself in third person.)


This is my 6th year being on staff for this race. I love being part of these events and being in the “eye of the storm” doing transition and seeing the athletes at all stages of the race. I have done several haf distance tris and I have completed Ironman Chattanooga, TN. When not training or competing I run a youth basketball program for 3rd thru 8th grade girls and coach a school team and an AAU team. I am supported by my wife and best friend Liz and have 3 daughters that are very active as well.


Hello, my name is Bennett! I have competed in swimming and triathlons throughout the past 10 years of my life. I enjoy the competition, as well as the environment these competitions can create. I currently teach swim lessons at the David D. Hunting YMCA for adults beginning to learn how to swim, while also serving as a member of the Michigan Titanium staff. Best of luck to all the competitors!


I have been an avid bicyclist and endurance athlete as long as I can remember.  I have completed several sprint distance triathlons, one marathon and too many century bike rides to even count.  This is my first year on staff as the Transition Set Up/Tear down Champion.  I am married to my guiding force and aesthetic opposite Anita.  We have two kids (Ian 7 and Leah 4) who take after their mother and are cute as a button.  I work hard to help people identify and pursue their financial dreams as a Financial Advisor with Waddell & Reed Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI.


I am new to the MiTi staff this year! I have been a Champion for the Grand Rapids Triathlon for the past 6 years and have loved every minute of it. I was a distance runner for years but have recently just started focusing on lifting and light cardio – much easier on the knees. I am a busy Mom to 3 incredible kiddos – 10, 7 and 2 and we love being active and outside. Very excited to learn more about the MiTi and look forward to many more years being involved in these great events.