While we try to get photo’s of everyone in every discipline, we have hundreds of athletes on the course doing a multitude of distances.  We hope you enjoy them!

2018 Race Weekend Photos

2018 MI Titanium Official Race Day Photos
Team Stellafly Facebook Album
Papa Razzi Facebook Album

2017 Race Weekend Photos

2017 MI Titanium Race Day Photos

2016 Race Weekend Photos

2016 Mi Titanium Race Weekend Albums

2015 Race Day Photos

2015 MI Titanium Photo Album

2014 Race Day Photos

We would like to thank the photographers from Stellafly that were present on race day to capture the action. These photographers have put together albums of their work for athletes to purchase. Anyone may purchase any of the images from each individual photographer for $15 each. DO NOT alter or crop any of these images. The photographers deserve to have their work credited.

Robert Wilcox 616.895.9478 – White Spot Images and Production, LLC. – MI Titanium Smug Mug Album

Mark Weber 616.308.1572 – MW Marketing Group – ISI Michigan Titanium 2014 Photographs

Rob Meendering – Robert Meendering Photography – Stellafly ISI Michigan Titanium 2014 Bike Course Facebook Album

Brian EslerStellafly ISI Michigan Titanium 2014 Finish Line Facebook Album

Matt Clarin 616.443.6169 – Stellafly ISI Michigan Titanium 2014 Swim Start Facebook Album

Richard App 616.458.4226 – Richard App Gallery – Stellafly ISI Michigan Titanium 2014 Miscellaneous Facebook Album (includes many shots in and around Versluis Park, including finish line photos)

Rudy MalmquistStellafly ISI Michigan Titanium 2014 The Drone – Swim Start Facebook Album  OR Stellafly ISI Michigan Titanium 2014 Swim Start Facebook Album

Splash & Dash Photographs

2013 Race Day Photos

2013 MI Titanium – Stellfly Album